Impress the guests at your party by having us cater for you with our gorgeously presented mouth-watering hot and cold delicious canapés. These small bites are bursting with flavour and definitely have the wow factor!

Please look at our menu ideas for our hot and cold canape suggestions.

Savoury canapé suggestions


Hot canapés


Mini portions of fish and chips in cones

Falafel balls with a scrumptious hummus dip

Mini potato latkas (rosti's) with dips

Cocktail fishballs

Mozzarella, pesto and roasted red pepper croistini’s

Mini tartlets served hot or cold with a cheese and roasted vegetables

Spinach and ricotta cups

Feta cheese and parsley 'cigars'

Chicken skewers with dip

Vegetable samosas with dips

Spring rolls with dips

Mini beef burgers 

Mini beef or vegetarian hot dogs

Humus sambusak (chickpea pastry parcel)


Cold canapés

Smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis

Tomato, feta and olive skewers

Selection of mini bagels 

Teriyaki salmon skewers

Assortment of sushi

Selection of bridge rolls (open)

Selection of vegetable tempura

Stuffed vine leaves

Dates stuffed with goats cheese, pistachios and pomegranate

Sweet canapés

Sweet tartlets with fresh fruit

Individual mini chocolate mousse

Individual mini trifle

Fruit kebabs on mini skewers

Chocolate cups filled with Bailey’s

Petit fours