Buffet and plated option

Guests can pile up their plates with our delicious and never ending buffet, this option is ideal for a less formal evening, or our plated meals would suit a more formal evening. Please look at our menu ideas for our hot buffet and plated menu suggestions

 Salad and starters

Chicken soup with dumplings

Pumpkin and sweetcorn soup

Grilled aubergine with mayonnaise
Roasted Butternut squash with zaatar, pine nuts and sesame
Green bean and sundried tomato
Fried aubergine with pickles
Hummus   (chickpeas)
Chopped salad  
Mixed leaf salad with our signature dressing
Aubergine cubes in tomato and honey sauce
Tabuleh salad
Greek salad with feta cheese and olives
Smoked salmon and avocado
Red cabbage
Cous cous and roasted vegetable

Date, fresh orange and pistachio nut

Quinoa, mixed peppers and mung bean salad

Baby spinach, asparagus, sun dried tomato and butter bean  



Fried fish (either cod or haddock) in breadcrumbs or matzo meal served with tartar sauce
Baked salmon fillets with pesto
Chicken skewers

Spicy tofu and vegetable skewers
Lamb koftas
Portobello mushrooms filled with garlic and cheese
Chicken escalope (schnitzel) with matzo meal or breadcrumbs
Vegetable kebabs and fresh herbs
Individual puff pastry Mediterranean vegetable tarts


Plain rice
Red rice with nuts and raisins
Roasted baby potatoes with garlic and fresh herbs
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables



Fruit kebabs on skewers
Selection of Petite Fours

Individual chocolate mousse
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Danish pastries
Edible chocolate cups filled with cream and garnished with fruit
Luxury Cheeses and biscuits